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Hailing from Rural British Columbia, Cash Crawford is an undeniable powerhouse singer-songwriter who is blazing her own Trail in Nashville Tennessee. Cash does not mince words with who she is, and what she aims to communicate with her latest single "Save Myself.” The singer songwriter embodies female empowerment, spiritualism, and the craft of using music to heal not only herself but her audience. Since she was a child she has been singing for anyone who will listen. The artist shares, ”I grew up singing in church, so the spiritual aspect of music is still very much a part of how I express myself personally and vocally.” Within seconds of hearing any one of her songs you will be singing along to the hypnotic rhythm that effortlessly compliments her rich vocals. Vocals that transport you back to legends like, Stevie Nicks, Wynona Judd, and even Adele. It is rare to find a female singer who embraces her full chest voice as she lets out such rich, powerhouse vocals. Cash Crawford cannot be contained or made small, and that is why she has found such success in calling music her full time career in Nashville. Her latest release "Save Myself" was accompanied by a memorable music video that personified the singer’s boundless free spirit as she sings about the journey to healing her own heart after allowing it to be broken; a sentiment that is universally personal when exiting a relationship that costs losing oneself. Cash is gearing up for her next release this October which will stay in theme with her message of leaving behind anything that holds you back from being your most free, authentic self. It is not often you find an artist whose music connects you to a higher experience. Whether we know it or not, music connects all of us to a place where we don't have to explain our souls to one another. With her prolific lyrics, much like artists such as Taylor Swift or Joni Mitchell who earned their credibility by enveloping the world with vulnerable songwriting, Cash does not limit her artistry. She excels in the arena of live performances and says her heart lives in touring. The soulful singer feels most at home on stage where she feeds off the electric energy from the reciprocation of the audience. After Canadian Idol, Cash toured throughout Canada performing her songs. Her original work has earned her Rising Star, Female Vocalist of the Year, and Song of the Year nominations. Since moving to Nashville in 2016 she continues to hone her skills both on and off the stage. The second you hear her chilling, strong, vocals you recognize that she is a vocalist reminiscent of another era, with a grit that cannot be manipulated. Cash is an undeniable force in the music industry, proving that she is the rising female artist to watch closely.

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